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Electrical Safety Certificates

When most people wish to understand regarding obtaining an electrical safety certificate for a property, they really want an  Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). If a problem is found you’ll be informed and we’ll provide you with a hard and fast worth quote for the work required to bring it up to the standards needed. we’d aim to own this sort of remedial work completed a similar day. We have an oversized team of electricians WHO work throughout Wolverhampton. They’re all qualified to examine and take a look at electrical installations and issue the suitable safety Test Certificates. whether or not you wish AN electrical safety certificate issued for a domestic, industrial or industrial premise, we will facilitate.

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Test Certificates In Wolverhampton Area

Firstly, when you book a Wolverhampton electrician you’ll be able to estimate obtaining the skilled expertise you’re searching for. Our electricians can check the condition of your fastened wire installation per British customary. All our electricians are vetted and trade licensed specialists. So, if you need help, call us. To clarify we’ll find you the solution of your problem.


How often do I need an electrical safety certificate?


  • Recommended every 10-years
  • Before selling a property
  • Before buying a property (previously-occupied)

Tenanted properties

  • Required at every change of tenancy
  • Maximum of 5 years from previous EICR

Commercial properties

  • Completely dependent on the type of property and the usage

An Aspect electrician will be able to recommend how often an EICR should be carried out at a property based on the age of the fixed wire installation.


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